Casa Ojai Inn
1302 East Ojai Ave.
Ojai, CA 93023
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Casa Ojai Inn

Ojai Hospitality Group has partnered with EcoStay™, a program that will offset our properties carbon footprint. The program was launched at all Ojai Hospitality Group properties including Casa Ojai Inn and Su Nido Inn (Your Nest in Ojai) on October 15, 2012.

EcoStay™ is a national initiative that helps hotels measure their carbon footprint, identify and fund reduction strategies and balance off their greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsetting.

Under the program, Ojai Hospitality Group properties will collect two dollars per night from hotel guests. Funds will be used to purchase carbon offsets in support of emission-reducing projects across the province such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, composting and recycling - making each hotel night completely ‘carbon neutral’. The guest’s contribution completely offsets the impact or their stay, and more. Carbon offsets are supplied by LivClean, a top ranked retailer by the David Suzuki Pembina. All LivClean Eco-Stay Carbon Offset Projects are listed on the Markit Environmental™ Registry ensuring VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) reporting and independent verification. In addition, each offset tonne is uniquely serialized by Markit to ensure proper retirement and avoid double counting.

Emission Reductions as of October, 2012

Casa Ojai Inn - Joined Ecostay on October 15, 2012

Su Nido Inn (Your Nest in Ojai) - Joined Ecostay on October 15th, 2012

EcoStay™ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)