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Casa Ojai Inn Packages

Casa Ojai Inn offers a variety of individually crafted packages to suit any occasion or vacation desire!

OjaiDay Tripper

Ojai DayTripper Packages

Casa Ojai Inn and Ojai DayTripper have partnered to offer three unique guided walking tours for two of the Ojai Valley; the Art and Wine of Ojai Tour, Architectural Finds of Ojai Tour and the Panoramic Views of Ojai Walk.

Ojai Adventure Package

Casa Ojai Adventure Package

Make no more excuses to reconnect with that special someone. Ojai's newest Adventure package is here. See Ojai from a totally different perspective with a personal guided tour of Ojai on bikes and wine tasting.

Golf Packages

Casa Ojai Inn Golf Packages

Casa Ojai Inn and Soule Park Golf Course have partnered to offer several packages to all golf enthusiasts. The newly rebuilt Soule Park course is much more challenging today and now capitalizes more on its geographic features.

Olive Oil Package

Ojai Olive Oil Package

A well kept secret of the Ojai Valley is the wonderful area called the East End, where a small valley by Ladera Ridge is known to locals as one of Ojai's most beautiful spots and the location of Ojai's oldest producing olive grove.

Trails by Potter/Rock Climbing/Hiking/Biking

Trails by Potter Packages

Ojai is a magical playground for all to enjoy especially hikers, bikers and climbers. It is a place of intense natural beauty, history, and serenity and is host to miles of incredible hiking trails, biking paths and rocks that rock on!

Whale Watching/Island Getaway Packages

Whale Watching/Island Getaway Packages

Enjoy the magnificent pacific Gray Whale (December 26th - April 5th) on its annual journey from the arctic to the warmer and shallow lagoons of California's Baja Coast where they give birth to calves. Enjoy Anacapa Island getaway year-round.

Jeep Tour

All-Around Ojai Jeep Tour Package

This sightseeing adventure provides a special glimpse of Ojai which celebrates the history, flavors and many remarkable qualities that the beautiful Ojai Valley has to offer. It is a picturesque and engaging Jeep excursion that is both memorable and refreshing.

Professional Bass Fishing Guide

Ojai Angler Professional Bass Fishing Guide

Just minutes from world-class fishing at Lake Casitas. Largemouth bass, are a couple of the popular varieties that attract anglers, however, it is the largemouth world record bass that many say exist in the waters of Lake Casitas that attract thousands of anglers each year.